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Collection of games and applications programmed by Zane Games (Darío Huerta), accessible from PlayStore and code available from Git Hub.

Although my concerns are enormous and countless, my main training for the world of work is based on programming, starting from video game programming, reaching many other languages ​​and development environments.

On this page I want to create a small portfolio with the modest games and applications that I develop in my free time, so that you can try them for free from the Google Play Store, share with your friends, and leave a comment to help me and little by little continue to improve them.

Android Games

Zane Games – PlayStore zane

In my profile in the Google PlayStore you can access for free all the games I have developed, but I recommend you continue reading if you prefer to know an individual summary of each one.

My profile on Google PlayStore (Currently Disabled)

Three Dimensional Chess

This was the first video game that I developed on my own, independently and with the purpose of creating an application so that you, along with your most curious friends, can try to play several games in a three-dimensional chess, where the pieces not only They move sideways, back and forth, but they also move up and down.

You will not find an incredibly dynamic or competitive chess application, but I have tried to make it as functional and customizable as possible, so that you can choose almost one hundred percent of the scenario on which to play.

Although they are games that can be extended infinitely more than those of conventional chess, I strongly advise that you give it a try and try to create the best attack and defense combinations that you can think of, because here the options are gigantic, and you are going to have to really push yourself if you want to play accurately.

Add that with good critics and reviews I would be delighted to continue improving this application that I am so proud of; However, it takes a lot of effort and investment of time, so right now it is a bit parked.

Download Tridimensional Chess for free in PlayStore (Currently Disabled)

Little Ecosystem – Game of Life

I started developing this little game this past year 2020, when I learned of the death of the mathematical genius John Horton Conway, who had a great impact on the Game Theory that I enjoy analyzing and trying to understand so much.

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So, this app was only intended to be a modest adaptation of their very famous mini-game Conway’s Game of Life, where you just set the initial conditions of the environment and let the system prosper or crumble in the next few minutes.

The concept of this game has always seemed incredible to me, as it is the perfect example that with simple things you can create other incredibly complex ones; And that was my purpose, but it got out of hand, hehehehehe.

In the game developed by me you have the ability to adjust up to 24 different parameters, and your purpose is to find the ideal environmental conditions so that your ecosystem has both herbivorous and carnivorous animals moving around the plane for as long as possible.

The intention of creating a modest game with which to entertain yourself by trying simple combinations ended up being a rather complex and long development, which I invite you to try so that for yourself values, try different initial conditions and leave in the comments a screenshot with the record of rounds that your ecosystem has survived 😉

Download Little Ecosystem for free on PlayStore (Currently Disabled)


The latest mobile application that I have independently developed was born with the aim of achieving what Little Ecosystem – Game of Life had not achieved: being a simply simple game.

Thus, and with the aim in mind of creating a mobile game that was as simple as possible without neglecting entertainment, D.O.T.S was born, an application for Android that challenges you to press as many circles as you can before losing your three lives.

With each circle that appears on the screen you will notice that the speed of the game increases, or even that the size of the points decreases.

It is not for throwing me flowers but it is an application that is great if you have to wait for the bus for three or four minutes and none of your friends pay attention to your WhatsApp and Instagram messages.

Download D.O.T.S for free on PlayStore (Currently Disabled)

More Interesting Code

In my Github – ZaneDario and written in Java you can find several code repositories with undoubtedly interesting functions. It should be clarified that it is code 100% prepared by me and in the public domain; for this same reason you will forgive that it has to be executed in the IDE console itself, since my only intention is that it be functional code, and it is even possible that some of these mini-programs can be better optimized.

Hexapawn – Machine Learning

This application was created with the sole purpose of later analyzing the data displayed by the console, and thanks to it you can create the entry Effectiveness: Reward vs Punishment with precise and highly visual graphical data.

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The code has four functions:

  • Set the initial conditions for the Hexapawn game.
  • Play games by himself.
  • It «learns» which variants you can win and which you must not use.
  • Display your victory percentage on the console after each game.

Access the repository.

Multilayer Perceptron

You can also find the code for this other Artificial Intelligence resource, whose function is to learn to recognize simple patterns such as logic gates.

In the same way it is entirely made by me; so much so that it does not even have a 100% reliability, because a few times it gets stuck and does not manage to pass the minimum error threshold established 🙂

However I highly encourage you to take a look because it is built with a very simple structure from which you can get great ideas and even improve it.

Access the repository.

Generational Algorithm

Using a Multilayer Perceptron similar to the one in the previous example (but with 100% reliability) I have also managed to write a very simple algorithm that, based on generations and generations of cars, each time they drive better to the point of traveling a circuit without ever colliding.

Genetic algorithm implemented with cars This project is made in Unity, with C #, available on my Github and written entirely by me, I have no training on AIs. This means that perhaps it can be improved a lot, but also that it can be a very simple example to learn and get ideas if you do not have knowledge about it.

Pathfinder – A Simple Algorithm

Pathfinder is one of the first algorithms that I dared to write; Like almost all my other Github repositories, I used Java language, and its function is to traverse a map and find the most optimal path from one point to another.

The map in this case is a two-dimensional matrix that stores integers, where the number 0 means that this coordinate is part of a road and any other number means that there is a wall there.

Access the repository.

Retire on time

I present to you the game of Retire on Time, where you have 200, 1000, 100000 or the number of cards that you want, face down, and each one has a number written on it. These are its rules:

  • You can turn them over, and see their values, but you will always have to choose the last card that you have turned over as an answer.
  • A card turned face up can no longer be turned face down. You have to decide when to stop turning the cards, if the number convinces you.
  • That letter will be the one that we check if it is the largest of all we have, and if it is, you win, if not, you lose.
  • Obviously the cards that are already face up, even if they contain the highest value, can no longer be chosen, only the last one that you have turned over.
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If I told you that you have a million cards and their possible values ​​go from zero to infinity, what would you say is the probability that you win the game?

Well, it turns out that if you do it right, the probability that you win is 37%, and with this code, which is also explained in Spanish, you can simulate and check that I’m not lying to you.

Birthday Paradox

Do you know the birthday paradox? It is a very anti-intuitive math problem, where the question is asked: What is the probability that in a room with 100 people there are two who have their birthday on the same day.

If you are 23 people the probability is already 50%, and if we have 50 people the probability is 99%. It seems incredible, but the math is not wrong, and in this mini-application of forty lines of code you can enter the number of people yourself and in the IDE console you will be shown the exact probability.

I have not used mathematics because it seemed more interesting to do a simulation and recreate the scenarios in a random way to measure the probability of the event. Also all this code is explained by me in Spanish.

Access the code.

Multiply Matrices

When I was in high school, multiplying matrices seemed like a really tedious and complicated process. To this day I don’t even remember how it was done, but I did some research and I managed to create a very simple application that shows you by console the result of multiplying two matrices. This code solves a problem that you can solve in any calculator on the internet today, but the interesting thing is to write it and make it work, and understand how it works. I encourage you to try it; p

Access the code.

Calculate Prime Numbers

Here I bring you two applications: each one occupies only 30 lines of code and they calculate prime numbers without stopping. One at high speed but consuming more memory, and another that takes time but does not consume almost any resources.

Fast and easy.

Slow but steady.

Zane Games – Games and Applications

You can see and analyze all the code that I upload to Github, but what is published here is what I think is the most interesting.

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