ENTP – Visionary – 16 MBTI Personalities

Among the 16 MBTI Personalities the ENTP personality encompasses 3.2% of the world’s population, being the fifth strangest personality to find. It is characterized by being a profile of very rational, energetic and charlatan people.

ENTP Personality – Visionary


2% women, 4% men

Fast, witty, always on alert and very talkable. They have many resources when it comes to solving the most complicated problems. They usually generate concepts that they then strategically analyze. They’re good at «signing» people, getting bored with routine, and constantly changing interests.

Adjectives describing this profile:

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ENTP – Explained by me:

They only have one mood: debate. They’re not hard to spot since they’re pretty eloquent and they’re probably sticking to everything you say. As a good NT profile they are tremendously analytical, and even if they talk a lot, it will rarely be impulsive and sentimental, because they focus only on empirically justified rational data, and they will not accept any argument that does not start from that premise. Basically they are people as nerdy as INTPs but still on top of that they enjoy bluffing everything they know. Come on: the typical repellent kid who always has to have the last word.

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  • Science, administration, technology and art.
  • Second profile with better college access notes.
  • The profile you least suffer from heart problems and hypertension.
  • Of the profiles with more resources to deal with stress.
  • Among the profiles most dissatisfied with their work, although they are also among the profiles that have the most economic income.
  • Of the profiles with the highest score in Creativity.
  • Second profile that consumes the most alcohol as a teenager.
  • Very common that they are Type A personality.
  • It’s the most sarcastic profile.
  • The ones who enjoy Rock the most.
  • They have the greatest aspiration to be famous.

Examples of ENTP People

People: Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo Da Vinci, Barack Obama

Characters: Tony Stark, Rick Sanchez, Jim Moriarty

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ENTP – Visionary – 16 MBTI Personalities
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