ENFJ – Charismatic – 16 MBTI Personalities

Among the 16 MBTI personalities the ENFJ personality encompasses 2.5% of the world’s population, being the second strangest among all male profiles. It is characterized by being a profile of very social, empathetic and inspiring people.

ENFJ Personality – Charismatic


3% women, 2% men

They have a great ability to empathize with others.They are emotional and find potential all over the world. In fact, they help others develop. One of their strengths is sociability and they have a great leadership capacity.

Adjectives describing this profile:

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ENFJ – Explained by me:

This rock is the typical neutral character that you can choose in a video game: they are not the best at all, but they also have nothing bad that I can talk about. Sometimes they are too empathetic and suffer from problems that are not theirs, but as usual they are analytical people, who speak well and inspire and help other people in a rather rational and useful way, but still never leave aside emotions. They can also get into trouble trying to combat what they think is unfair, but come on, it looks like a good profile.


  • Teaching, religion and the arts.
  • Third profile with more college credits.
  • One of the most likely personalities to believe in supernatural things.
  • Of the profiles most likely to resort to exercise when they feel stress.
  • One of the profiles with the greatest satisfaction at work and at the same time the most likely to change.
  • The ones who have the least trouble at school.
  • The most likely to defend the abuser.
  • The ones who suffer the least when they’re without internet.
  • The profile that takes the least time to forgive.
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Examples of ENFJ People:

People: Martin Luther King Jr., Jennifer Lawrence, Cleopatra

Characters: Daenerys Targaryen, Tanjiro Kamado, Mike Wheeler

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ENFJ – Charismatic – 16 MBTI Personalities
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