Recommended Animes: Top 10 Animes of History

What are some recommended top animes that you have to give at least one chance?

In this entry I wanted to spend some of my time doing a small review and recommendation of 10 animes and manga, with the purpose of encouraging you to take a look at them if you haven’t seen them yet.

To this day, stinging time watching and enjoying anime has become quite normal, and more and more people decide to join and give a try to this great form of entertainment, that is why I present to you what IN MY OPINION are the 10 most recommended Seinen animes.

I also want to clarify, although it seems obvious, that enjoying one or the other anime is something very subjective, and each person will have their particular tastes and tendencies.

As of February 2021, the number of animes I have seen almost exceeds one hundred, and of all these, without a doubt, my top 10 of animes and recommended manga would be as follows:

Top Honorable Mention:

I didn’t want to miss this top of recommended manga and anime without mentioning at least Durarara, an incredible anime adapted from several light novels.

What makes this anime so spectacular is that in it we are presented with about 10 different protagonists, and even though they all live in the same city, their lives follow completely different directions.

Not forgetting any of these characters, we follow the lives of each of them until they all together end up concluding a 36-chapter play.

It’s a very enjoyable anime, and more so if you spend time thinking about everything the screenwriter had to plan ahead to create such a complex story.

Top 10.- Alice in Borderland

The first of this recommended anime top is Alice in Borderland: a manga I read not long ago; I think it has its respective anime and even an exclusive live-action adaptation of Netflix.

Their main focus revolves around psychology, as it tries to capture the behavior of humans when their lives are at stake and they have to compete against other individuals in various activities or games; but even if the psychological aspect is very well embodied what I liked most, it was undoubtedly the outcome and the final games.

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At first it looks like it’s not going to be such a good anime, but I recommend waiting until the characters get to «The Beach», which is when things get really interesting.

Top 9.- Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom was recommended to me by a friend, but it did not attract my attention until I saw him later in some MVVs and decided to see the anime.

It deals with the story of a group of inastrous students who have to kill the super powerful monster that is their teacher, but the story is not that it is the most important thing, since it only serves as a background and then create really epic scenes and moments, and that I personally enjoy a barbarity.

They are the typical dialogues or scenes where there is not much action, or little is said, but you have behind it a story that is perfectly armed so that precisely those moments are as epic and emotional as possible.

Top 8.- The Promise Neverland

In the eighth place of the recommended anime top we have The Promised Neverland, another manga that I really enjoyed, and although it also has anime, if you prefer to read the manga (like me) I recommend that you listen in the background to the original soundtrack of your animation.

In this work we are shown the magnificent life from the perspective of orphaned children who supposedly live in an orphanage, but already in the first episode we discover that this is not a royal orphanage, but a farm to raise humans that then serve as food to a higher species.

Throughout the course of the plot we follow the lives of these intelligent children who discover the truth and try to escape. Not only is it a really entertaining and emotional work, but it also gives to reflect a lot.

Top 7.- Monster

In seventh place of the recommended top anime we have Monster, an ancient work, which began to be published in 1994, and was adapted into anime eight years later.

The course of history may seem slow, but if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t become the great work it is, showing us the life of a neurosurgeon who saves johan’s life, a child who will later become an expert psychological manipulator and Germany’s most dangerous criminal.

During our journey with the protagonist, following the trail of Johan, we know many people, tell us their story, and we can know the motivations of each one, indirectly appreciate the growth of the child, and even learn that even the most wicked people have a human background.

As you can see it is not an anime that will please anyone; you have to know how to enjoy it, and try to understand it.

Top 6.- Parasyte

Parasyte, of which I saw the anime although I am aware that it has an old sleeve of great quality and even a live-action adaptation on Netflix or something.

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There could be no missing from this top of recommended animes, and is that this work plays a theme very similar to that of position eight, asking us the question of what if humans were not predators, but prey? I love how your story unfolds, and all the details that we can appreciate in it.

It is certainly a work created to raise awareness and give way to reflection.

Top 5.- Kenichi

Kenichi, the strongest disciple in history has a brief anime adaptation, but I do not recommend it since it is incomplete and already in case the manga is more interesting.

In it we can watch and read the development of our protagonist, Kenichi, a boy who wants to learn martial arts to protect the people he wants.

It is a manga with very funny moments, and the construction of fights and characters are exceptional, coming to show combat between all kinds of martial arts.

I’ve read more martial arts manga, but this by far is the one I’ve enjoyed the most.

Top 4.- Terra Formars

Terra Formars is a very curious manga that was also adapted to anime and that could not be missed in this set of recommended animes.

The main premise is that humanity wants to exterminate the giant cockroaches that have developed on Mars, to avoid future problems, but because these insects are much stronger than the average human, the spacecraft’s crew members have to genetically modify their bodies.

Each of them possesses genes from some of the most powerful and lethal insects in the world, thus answering the question «how lethal would insects be if they were the size of a human?»

If you take a look at my blog you will realize that I am a really curious person, so it is not surprising that this anime fascinated me as much by how didactic it is, as by the such interesting fights that we see in it.

Top 3.- Berserk

Top 3 Recommended Animes: Berserk.

In the world of anime and manga, as in any artistic field, there are pieces that are part of general culture. Berserk’s manga and soundtracks are some of these pieces, so I was forced to give it a stand within this recommended anime article.

With one of the best and most detailed drawings from all over the sleeves, this work tells the story of Guts, a mercenary who seeks to murder for revenge who was one day his most precious companion.

The story isn’t much more complex, but it unfolds in such a way that you immediately start wanting to read more and more chapters.

Top 2.- Code Geass

Top 2 Animes Recommended: Code Geass, my favorite anime.

In this case I do recommend watching the anime, because it is much better and more complete than manga, however rare it may seem.

As we enter this work we move into a dystopian past where Japan has been conquered by the empire of Britannia and lives under great oppression.

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In this scenario appear our protagonists, one of the smartest people in the world: Lelouch, and his best friend and at the same time one of the most prepared soldiers in the world: Suzaku.

Although both have the same plan: to end tyranny, Lelouch will attempt to overthrow an entire empire by confronting him on the battlefield, while Suzaku will put all his efforts to change Britannia from within.

It’s my favorite anime for the simple reason that throughout the story we can appreciate the value and importance of Lelouch’s promise in the second chapter. It’s definitely an anime where great strategies are shown, but what stands out most are the intrinsic values of each character.

–My 10 Favorite Moments from Season 1 of Code Geass–

Top 1.- Psycho Pass

Top 1 Recommended Animes: Psycho Pass, my second favorite anime.

It is perfectly adapted from the manga so if you have time I recommend watching the anime because the soundtrack and animations are very good.

In this work we move Japan, in a utopian future, where immense artificial intelligence ensures that everyone lives happily, has the right job for him/her, and detects in time any potential illness or criminal.

It is in this environment that a criminal appears that The System does not classify as evil, and the dilemma arises: If in the eyes of the people he is a criminal, but in the «eyes» of the system that governs the whole society, that person does nothing wrong, how to act?

Anyone who questions the decisions of this artificial super intelligence will obviously be a criminal, so will our «cops» lead eliminate the terrorist without being executed by The System? It is definitely an anime that gives to enjoy and reflect quite a bit.

These are my 10 animes recommended for anyone who hasn’t seen them. They are neither my 10 favorite animes, let alone the 10 most action-rich animes in history, because as you can appreciate the style of work that entertains me the most usually leave the action a little more aside to devote more time to the construction of the story and give it a great meaning.

Finally, if you’ve seen any of these recommended animes or manga and loved it, I’m sure everyone on this list will be just as fascinating to you.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and do not hesitate to leave in the comments which animes or mangas you would recommend. Greetings ^^

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Recommended Animes: Top 10 Animes of History
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