INTP – Scientist – 16 MBTI Personalities

Among the 16 MBTI personalities the INTP personality encompasses 3.3% of the world’s population, being one of the most distinctive personalities by gender (73% are men). It is characterized by being a profile of very rational, ingenious and spontaneous people.

INTP Personality – Scientist


2% women, 5% men

They try to develop logical explanations for everything they’re interested in. They prefer the abstract and the theoretical, therefore, they are more interested in ideas than in social interactions. Quiet and introverted but flexible and adaptable. They have an unusual ability to focus on solving problems. They are often skeptical and analytically critical.

Adjectives describing this profile:

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INTP – Explained by me:

If INTJs are people who look like robots, INTPs might well be robots that look like people. They are the smartest group of all, often gifted and pardillos of class. These kinds of people, building their character, put all the points on intelligence, so their social and practical ability is the lowest there is. They love to learn the theory of any concept and it is not uncommon for them to hold important positions in positions that require minimal social interaction.


  • Science and technology.
  • It’s the profile with the highest IQ.
  • Profile with better university access notes.
  • The least likely to believe in supernatural things.
  • The worst profile deals with stress.
  • They are the people who experience the most dissatisfaction in their careers.
  • The most likely to study other languages.
  • His academic qualifications are lower than his IQ predicts.
  • The profile that most alcohol and drugs use in adolescence.
  • The least focused in the morning.
  • The most likely to trust people fully.
  • The most likely to disagree with a popular opinion.
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Examples of INTP People

People: Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Alan Turing

Characters: Sherlock Holmes, L. Lawliet, Neo

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INTP – Scientist – 16 MBTI Personalities
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