ISTJ – Technician – 16 MBTI Personalities

Among the 16 MBTI Personalities, the ISTJ personality encompasses 11.6% of the world’s population, the most recurrent among male profiles, with 16.4%. It is characterized by being a profile of very hardworking, responsible and methodical people.

ISTJ Personality – Technician


7% women, 16% men

Very logical and responsible people, somewhat traditional but very organized and reliable when it comes to working. Usually described as disciplined and responsible at work. Don’t be distracted when you’re doing some homework.They’re realistic, serious and quiet.They like to have everything organized; whether at work, at home or in your entire life. They value traditions and loyalty very much.

Adjectives describing this profile:

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ISTJ – Explained by me:

An ISTJ the exact definition of a ESTJ that has lost faith in humanity. They are very hardworking and traditionalist people, honest and also very practical. They try very everything they do and I’m sure they’re pioneers of phrases like Better just than poorly accompanied or If you want to do something right you have to do it yourself. They will put into practice everything they set out to do and there is nothing they hate more than inefficiency and people who are not committed to their word.

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  • Administration, accounting and security forces.
  • Fourth profile with more college credits.
  • Prone to experiencing heart problems, hypertension or chronic pain.
  • The profile that enjoys repetitive work the most.
  • Very recurrent profile among African Americans.
  • It is the profile that most avoids unknown risks.
  • The one who has the least chance of having a lucky number.
  • The ones who consider appearing on television the least.

Examples of ISTJ People

People: Greta Thunberg, Sigmund Freud

Characters: Sheldon Cooper, Hermione, Mikasa Ackerman

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ISTJ – Technician – 16 MBTI Personalities
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