16 Personalities – The MBTI Test by Myers-Briggs

The Myers Briggs 16 Personalities (MBTI for short) test was designed during World War II and is intended to classify people’s different preferences and trends.

It is frequently used in a wide variety of dynamics related to psychology and personality, such as marriage counseling, group work, pedagogy, etc…

You can do it here for free.

Or access the main index of the 16 MBTI Personalities (Spanish).

16 MBTI Personalities – Basic Theory:

The four fundamental attributes:

(E) Extraverted / (I) Introverted

How a person gets motivation to face a challenge.

Someone extraverted is more animated by being surrounded by people, and moving; instead, someone introverted will get more personal motivation when they get lost in their own thoughts and ideas.

(S) Experiences / (N) Analysis

How a person gains the means to meet that challenge.

People who are guided by experiences enjoy learning through the senses, while those guided by analysis enjoy learning more by analyzing information and looking for patterns or why.

(F) Emotion/ (T) Reflection

How a person behaves when presented with a challenge.

Those who are thoughtful take their time to observe the situation objectively. On the other hand, those who are more emotional or sentimental make decisions according to how they feel, and more subjectively.

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(J) Judgment / (P) Perception

How a person faces the challenge.

Here, judgment means that you are an orderly person and like to have a specific pattern to solve each type of problem, while perception means that you will improvise and develop alternative solutions if necessary.

The 16 Personalities:

  • ESTJ – Executive – Administrators of everything.
  • ESTP – Entrepreneur – Enjoy living on the edge.
  • ESFJ – Good Friend – Popular and Altruistic.
  • ESFP – Entertainer – Spontaneous and energetic.
  • ENTJ – Leader – They always achieve what they propose.
  • ENTP – Visionary – Love to debate and intellectual challenges.
  • ENFJ – Charismatic – Inspire and captivate your surroundings.
  • ENFP – Free Soul – Free Souls, always smiling.
  • ISTJ- Technician – The most reliable when working.
  • ISTP – Worker – Masters of Tools.
  • ISFJ – Charitable – Always earrings from your loved ones.
  • ISFP – Artist – Artists looking for new experiences.
  • INTJ – Master mind – With a plan for everything.
  • INTP – Scientific – Insatiable thirst for knowledge.
  • INFJ – Altruistic – Mystic and inspiring idealist.
  • INFP – Idealist – Always willing to sacrifice for others.

You can find a short and somewhat comical summary about each of the 16 Personalities of the MBTI test by clicking HERE.

Curiosities of the 16 Personalities:

  • Of the eight profiles with the highest IQ, all eight are Intuitive (N); among these, the top four are also Introverted (IN); and of these, the two smartest (on average) are thinkers (INT).
  • INTP (Scientific) is the smartest profile on average, and its counterpart, ESFJ (Good Friend), which has the least performance on an intellectual level.
  • ISFJ (Charitable) is the most common profile in the population, and INFJ (Altruista) the least.
  • ISTJ (Technical) is the most common profile in men, and INFJ (Altruista) the least.
  • ISFJ (Charitable) is the most common female profile, and INTJ (Master Mind) is the least.
  • ISTP (Worker) is the most distinctive profile, with 75% male.
  • XSFPs are the two profiles that plan your life the most in the future.
  • XxTJ profiles are the most committed to your word.
  • The two xSFJ profiles are the most detailed of all.
  • The four xNxPs are the most likely to start important work at the last minute.
  • xNFP are the ones who cry the most.
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16 Personalities – The MBTI Test by Myers-Briggs
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