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Extremely calm chess players.

Strategists who rarely attack directly and prefer to quietly exploit positional advantages, so “technicians” use their exceptional intuition to guide their positional play, rarely losing control.

This type of player exploits almost invisible positional weaknesses to win in the end game. They don’t like to take a lot of risks and therefore rarely lose, but they also earn less than more aggressive players.

Recommended Openings:

White: English Opening

Black: Sicilian Defense, Semi-Slav, Petrov Defense


Vladimir Kramnik (born 1975), Russia, the fourteenth world champion, is one of the best examples of a technical player.

Known for his great endgame skills and excellent opening knowledge, Kramnik became the world champion by defeating Garry Kasparov, who had reigned for fifteen years. Despite being seen as unstoppable, Kasparov failed to win a single game against Kramnik’s impenetrable game in their London showdown in 2000, while Kramnik exploited small errors to win two games.

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Técnico – Intuición – Defender – Calmado – Mente Fría
Cool Mind
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